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Eagle Scout

Beagle Scout

Scout Bottles (Milk, soda)

Boy & Girl Scout Cameras

Scout Statues

Metal Scout Objects

Scout Drums

Scout Spoons

Scouting License Plates

Scout Flashlights

Rulers with scout advertising

Scout Bugles

Scout Light Fixtures and Bulbs

Scout Rings

Scout Sewing Kits

Scout Belt Buckles

Scout Collapsible Cups

Scout Binoculars & Telescopes

Scout Watches & Clocks

Scout tins

Scout Masonite plaques

Scout Coins

Rank Pins and Collar Brass

Scouting Equipment Catalogs

Tom Clark Scout Gnomes

Flag Finales

Scout Dolls

Scout Trophies and Awards

Scout Paper Weights

Scout Fobs

Scout Toys

  Boy Scout Machine Guns

  Cap Pistols

  Trains, Train Cars & Accessories


  Hot Wheels


Scout Banks

Hand Made Scout Plaques

Scout Knives

Boy & Girl Scout 1st Aid Kits

Scout Bookends

Rank Badges

Badges of office



Scout “Pocket Fire Starters”

  (cigarette lighters)

Mugs of attended events


Long Beach Scout Stuff

1988 World Jamboree

1991 World Jamboree

Scout Syroco

Explorer Scout Police badges

These are some of the collections in the museum. As I upload photos of those groups, this list will become links.

DSC06719.JPG DSC06720.JPG Thrifty Scout Museum

The Thrifty Scout Museum is a privately owned collection displayed in a private residence. This is the personal collection of Mike McAdams. In May of 2013, the museum hosted an open house. To accomplish this, 7 additional 6-foot tables were placed in the living room, dining room and family room to supplement the normal Museum displays. The following images were taken during the open house. Many images have “hot spots” which, when clicked, will show enlarged views of the displays or take you to detailed images of that collection.

Museum North Wall

Museum East Wall

Museum West Wall (north end)

Living room - Miscellaneous Stuff

Dining room - Flag Finials, Objects of Metal, Milk Bottles, and Merit Badge Sashes

Living room - Philmont Table

Living room - Eagle Scout Display Case

Philmont 2.JPG Philmont 3.JPG Philmont 4.JPG Philmont 5.JPG Philmont 6.JPG Philmont 7.JPG Philmont 8.JPG Philmont 9.JPG Philmont 10.JPG Philmont 11.JPG

Living room - Knives & Rifles

DSC06665.JPG DSC06667.JPG DSC06666.JPG DSC06669.JPG DSC06668.JPG

Family room - Belt Buckles, Cap Guns, Whistles, Flashlights, Rings, Watches, Rulers, Jewelry, Toys, Pencil Boxes, Beading projects

DSC06660.JPG DSC06661.JPG

Museum South Wall

(south end)

DSC06842.JPG DSC06847.JPG DSC06844.JPG DSC06838.JPG DSC06722.JPG DSC06721.JPG DSC06723.JPG DSC06724.JPG DSC06725.JPG DSC06726.JPG DSC06839.JPG DSC06837.JPG Philmont 12.JPG DSC06664.JPG Misc 2.JPG Misc 3.JPG Misc 4.JPG Misc 5.JPG Misc 8.JPG Misc 7.JPG Misc 6.JPG Misc 9.JPG Misc 10.JPG Misc 11.JPG Misc 12.JPG Masonite Plaques DSC06752.JPG DSC06753.JPG