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Mike McAdams has been active in Scouting for over 40 years, and a collector of Scout Memorabilia since he stood in line at the 1981 National Jamboree for 4 hours to buy a bunch of hat pins.

He was a member of Cub Pack 54, Troop 54, and Post 54 in Dayton, Ohio from 1960 to 1971. After moving to California in 1975, he became an Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Commissioner, Junior Leader Training Director, and … well you know - all those other jobs you do along the way. He’s attended 4 Jamborees - 1981 NJ as Scoutmaster, 1985 NJ on region staff, 1988 WJ and 1991 WJ as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

As a Cub Scout he earned the Arrow of Light and as an Explorer, he earned Eagle. As an adult, he earned the Scouter’s Training Award, Scouter’s Key as a SM and again as a Commissioner. He was awarded the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver Award.

He first attended Philmont in 1977 to attend the Scoutmasters’ Skills conference. Later he helped put together council contingents and was the adult advisor on 6 treks. He has seen how Philmont can change the life of a boy. This is why he now collects nearly everything PHILMONT.

He also collects Scout Handbooks, Eagle Scout items, Beagle Scout items, Scout bottles (Milk, soda), Boy & Girl Scout Cameras, Scout statues, Metal scout objects, Scout drums, Scout spoons, Scouting license plates, Scout flashlights, Rulers with scout advertising, Scout Bugles, Scout light fixtures and bulbs, Scout rings, Scout sewing kits, Scout belt buckles, Scout collapsible cups, Scout Binoculars & Telescopes, Scout watches, Scout tins, Scout Masonite plaques, Scout coins, Rank pins and Collar brass, Scouting Equipment catalogs, Tom Clark scout gnomes, Flag finales, Scout Dolls, Scout Trophies and other types of awards, Scout Paper weights, Scout Fobs, Scout Toys (Boy Scout Machine Guns, Cap pistols Train Cars, Models, Hot Wheels, Lledo, etc.), Scout banks, Hand carved scout plaques with Scouting themes, Scout knives (when he can pick them up cheap), Boy & Girl Scout 1st Aid kits, Scout Bookends, rank badges, badges of office (adult & youth), Scout “Pocket Fire Starters” (cigarette lighters),  mugs (only of events he personally attended, so don’t offer him trades on mugs), pennants, Long Beach, 1988 & 1991 World Jamboree, he dabbles with international patches, and has probably the largest Syroco collection.

Mike McAdams

4625 Village Road

Long Beach, CA 90808

Thrifty Scout Museum

He lives in Long Beach, California, and most of his stuff is actually on display in his home. If you’re ever in Southern California, drop by for the nickel tour. Admittance is free Monday, Wednesday & Friday. There is no charge Tuesday or Thursday. And on weekends all fees are waived in the interest of scouting good will. He calls it the Thrifty Scout Museum. Check out his video of the traveling portion of his museum below.

Mike is a life member of the International Scout Collectors Association.

Mike McAdams

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