Philmont Millennium 1

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Last modified: 01/27/14

The Authors

Chip Elliott and Mike McAdams met at the Dallas trade-o-ree in about 1993. Both of us are avid collectors of Philmont "stuff" and have over the following years each accumulated large collections of this "stuff". We saw the need for a new, high quality, more complete guide to this fabulous ranch, so in 2001 we published the first of the Philmont Millennium 1 series.





Its 220 pages upgraded an earlier work titled Philmont Insignia that had only 54 pages. Now, here it is, 12 years later, and Philmont Millennium 1, Second Edition is finally being published with a whopping 320 pages, even after removing 31 pages of Contingent patch check-lists. Hope you enjoy the Second Edition.

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at Chip’s wedding in 2004

Mike McAdams Chip Elliott